What to Wear To your Engagement Session

Wedding Planning Tips

A guide on how to look & feel good for your session!

  1. Wear What Makes You Confident:

First and foremost, wear what makes you feel your best! After all, these photos are meant to capture you and your love & you want them to reflect how you truly feel.

  1. Decide The Vibe

Are you going to be outdoors in nature? At a coffee shop, walking the city streets, or up on a rooftop? 

These factors play a huge role in what your outfits should be! And your outfits influence the overall vibe of the shoot and final outcome.

If you’ll be outdoors, dress accordingly and bring back up layers if there’s rain or cold weather in the forecast. If you’ll be in the city or somewhere indoors, try to match your outfits to the atmosphere of the place you’re going to be shooting at.

  1. Wear Solid Colors

This may come as a surprise, but try and stay away from patterns and large logo printed clothing. These tend to not photograph as well.

Instead, wear solid-colored pieces that compliment each other! Your outfits won’t be clashing with each other & solid colors will tie in nicely with any location you chose! We love recommending neutrals like beige, denim, terracotta, olive green, black, and whites. These colors always work great with all skin tones and almost all landscapes and backgrounds!

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